CARD OF THE DAY 28/03/2021

Published on 28 March 2021 at 17:42

CARD OF THE DAY 28/03/2021

🌍General energies 🌍



🌒 Full Moon in Libra♎

With the Moon in Libra, creating order is the focus though not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo. You will be attracted to pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave.  Increased sociability, interest in new acquaintances and a desire for mutual understanding. Partnerships are in focus. Good for social gatherings, celebrations, business meetings or romance. However, your ability to make decisions suffers because people are more prone to doubts and hesitation now. The Moon in Libra generally favors relationship and partnership interaction, activities involving teamwork and cooperation or activities related to beauty.



💬Mercury Trine Natal Pluto☢

You are concerned with the deeper aspects of life and it is a good time to find out what is going on inside yourself via meditation or reflection. It is a good time to learn new things as they can transform the way you think. The communications with others will be deep and profound.


💬Mercury Sextile Natal Mercury💬

This favors mental work and planning. Your mind is clear and can handle dealing with the details. You maybe restless but you should have enough discipline to pull you through. You will have a strong intellectual curiosity.


🌙Moon Trine Natal Moon🌙

It is a time of feeling good, everything feels harmonious. You may not be in the mood for adventures or challenges and you want to be surrounded by what you feel protects you.


🔥Mars Inconjunct Natal Pluto☢


It could be a time of severe power struggles and arguments. Your ambitious nature will be strong, and you want to make progress, but you must be careful not to abuse your power to get ahead. Your energy levels are very high, and you can achieve great things without manipulation. As power play is a dominant theme now avoid playing the victim’s role and if you have that tendency, avoid bad neighborhoods or areas where violence can occur. Challenges will be met with your work colleagues and it is important to stand your ground but avoid being ruthless or domineering in your relationships.




🌹 Hierophant🌹

🔮" Revealing of secret knowledge " - Message Card from Archangels Jophiel and Razael🔮

The clairvoyant message that i'm having is the egyptian  ank symbol which is connected with authority . In the next vision i'm getting a big book that is now opened ahead and reveals it secrets under the Sunlight while at the same time forms a new path. The sunlight also symbolizes the Divine Masculine energy as a spiritual authority, something that is comfirmed also by the card of Hierophant. The last vision is a man entering a dark room in a pyramid and with lighten torch illuminates hieroglyphics while at the same time he seems so small infront of this big stone wall. This vision is an actual symbolization of how the secret wisdom is now accessible to human kind. The word that Arch. Razael keep repeating to me on clairaudiently is "occult", trying to make me understand his energy presence through secret wisdom. That hint is also confirmed by the fact that Ach. Razael is the keeper of Universe's Secrets. Sugnificant here is the number 5, which is also connected with the  spiritual awakening and change that is now happening. Inside the occult and ceremony the hidden knowledge was accessible for human kind in the form of codes. Now these codes are available for research. Some of you may have these periods some dreams which are memories from a past life as priests-priestesses or witches. Those memories are been sent by Spirit to reminding you the tools or the  spiritual codes you had been using back then. This is a way from Spirit to awaken your Secret wisdom and your psychic abilities within you! A final message from the card of Hierophant is to not affraid of persecution or judgement by society's norms, cause now you are more empowered spiritually and you can claim your position in life by honoring your inner wisdom and intuition. For some there is a promotion while some others are getting some news on 4 days or 4 weeks for getting a job in the teaching or coaching field. Promotion also for some that works in  organazitions or  state institutions.
🗝Keywords:  Spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, ceremonials, tradition, occult, institutions, secret knowledge, spiritual authority, teaching.

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