CARD OF THE DAY 06/04/2021

Published on 6 April 2021 at 16:18

CARD OF THE DAY 06/04/2021

🌍General energies 🌍


🌒 Last quarter in Aquarius♒

Attraction to all that is new and unusual and an instinctive need for improvement, characterize the Moon in Aquarius. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal. This is a good time for social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes. There is an increased interest in knowledge and a need to communicate with like-minded individuals. At the same time, your desire for freedom and independence is strengthened, and you will want to establish your own rules. It is a good period for reading, study and scientific pursuits. However, activities which require subordination and discipline, as well as jobs which bore you, will go from bad to worse now.


🌙Moon Square Natal Mercury💬

Your feelings may overwhelm your rational intellect making your thinking too subjective and hard to relate to. You feel strongly about expressing yourself and tensions should be released.

  ☀️Sun Square Natal Neptune🌊

You may not be able to cope with the demands of life right now as your energy is low and you may be feeling quite lethargic. Take things easy if you can, you may be quite moody and irritable, you might feel down and out, consequently you will not be feeling confident. You are not very clear headed so avoid making rash or impulsive decisions as people may be trying to deceive you. Try not to get too idealistic as you may feel discouraged at obtaining those pie in the sky goals, just keeps things simple.

  🌙Moon Inconjunct Natal Jupiter⚡

You are probably feeling quite generous and inclined towards contemplation of the deeper aspects of life. You should be optimistic, think positive and you may be feeling philosophical. Avoid being arrogant or self-righteous as people may be put off by this attitude.

  💬Mercury Sextile Natal Moon🌙

This can not only put you in touch with your feelings but other peoples’ as well. You can sense the moods of others. It is a good time for group discussion or discussing your problems, you are feeling more sympathetic than usual.





🌹 Justice🌹


🔮" Opened gate! Lemurian Gate! " - Message Card from Archangels  Michael and Samuel 🔮

The  first vision that i'm getting is an  opened huge gate like a portal with an turquoise energy field as a divided veil in order to pass to the other side. The main phrase that i'm hearing is the "Lemurian Gate". The vision continues while i'm passing the gate i'm seeing different paths that made of stone, intertwined with each other, but eventually they manage to dissolve before they all end up in the same central gate of Light. This for me is an actual symbolization of the different paths that every soul goes through, and sometimes are complicated or frustrated in  order to  get to the final destination which is the healing light and the purification. It's the same process that shows the Justice card with the two different pillar gates, as you can see. Next, on  approaching the entrance of that new pillar - door , my spirit shows a vast location with lush dense vegetation and many waterfalls. It's an actual symbolization of the abudance that is available to each one of us collectively if we follow our path to that door. Despite how hard or confusing it may seems... it ends up to our healing and to our new dtate of abudance. The justice card while it speaks to each one of us at the same time symbolizes  the resolve and the healing process of the collective. A healing process that is now at this time is obvious in every society system! While we  are healing  the "IAM" ,we are also  healing the "WE ARE", and we have the chance to establish new forms of abudance with the cooperation of Nature. May some of you today they are gonna realise that their path is working with herbs or to work with natural products. For others now they can try their new emerged ability to manifest what they want. As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. Be prepared to dip into the murky waters and explore what truth means to you!
🗝Keywords: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law, clearing karma, clarity on soul's path and destination, Collective North Node

* I felt intense the call to pull a card as an extra message from the Starseed Oracle for a direct clairaudient message from Arch. Samuel*


"Become the communicator of your idea through the way you live. Follow your path and this is the path that will lead you to your personal abundance. Stay focused on what your soul stands for !"

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