CARD OF THE DAY 12/04/2021

Published on 12 April 2021 at 14:27

CARD OF THE DAY 12/04/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌒 New Moon in Aries♈

With the Moon in Aries we are motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as stronger ambitions. An increase of activity, impulsivity, striving, and energetic action. This Moon favours activities which demand courage, decisiveness, swiftness and initiative, but anything which requires patience, diligence and diplomacy is more difficult now. The Moon in Aries generally favors actions that yield immediate results, self-assertion and taking on challenges. It is a good time for athletics, starting new projects and for solving problems by brainstorming.



🌙Moon Conjunct Natal Sun☀️

Your mind and body feel recharged for the month ahead and your emotional patterns will be influenced strongly at this time. You feel stronger and your mind and feelings will be working harmoniously. You have a good feeling of those around you, so group work is favored. If you are not well emotionally, your physical energy will suffer and you may need time off.


🌹Venus Square Natal Moon🌙

You may be feeling quite amorous towards your sexual partner; it is a good time to take it easy if possible. Try not to be too nurturing or smothering. This could be especially a problem if by nature you are possessive. It’s a good time to be supportive to other people who may need that feeling of sympathy and care.



 🌹 Star🌹


🔮"Aetheric Temple of Love. Balancing and healing Divine Feminine and Masculine. Activation of Twin Flame unions! " - Message Card from Archangels Uriel and  Raphael🔮

The  vision that i'm having is  two forces connecting, a blue one and a magenda one  and creating the clone of DNA, in a flame. This flame is on an old Temple almost an ancient temple that Arch Raphael tells me is the Aetheric Temple of Love. He explains to me that those two forces are the D.F and DM energy,which now are trying to be purificated through this flame and be in balance with each other. The extra hint that he gives me except healing is a collective message for twin flame unions, which now are activated and are a ready  to be expanded. I'm  also hearing the clairaudient message from Arch. Uriel :" Where there is hope there is a cure... Where  there is a cure there is hope!" This is a confirmation for me especially with the card Star which is also giving me the sign of Divinely guided process of uplifting energies for the collective. "The healing is affecting you in the most beneficial ways. You let the Starlight coming into your life and you ll see miracles happen!", he also claims. To more specific detailed messages the star card here renewed hope and faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe. You are entering a peaceful, loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both yourself and others around you. This is a time of significant personal growth and development as you are now ready to receive the many blessings of the Universe. You may also want to find or rediscover a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You are making some significant changes in your life, transforming yourself from the old you to the new you and, in doing so, you are bringing about a fresh perspective: “Out with the old and in with the new!” You are choosing the highest version of yourself. This is a profound spiritual journey that will bring greater meaning and purpose into your life and will renew your inner energy. Strip back any limiting beliefs, facades, or deceptions, and live in your authentic nature. Be open to new ideas and growth, and listen to the still voice within. You want to give or share your wealth with others to help transform their lives. Yours is an open heart, and you now want to give back the blessings you received so that others may benefit.
🗝Keywords: Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality, Healing, balance of divine forces, cure, heart chakra activation.


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