CARD OF THE DAY 06/05/2021

Published on 6 May 2021 at 16:57

CARD OF THE DAY 06/05/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces♓

We are not inclined to want to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It can be a wistful, sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate time. This brings an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples' feelings. You will have a desire to be of help, and you may be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Your emotions predominate over common sense, so it is better to do things which require imagination and inspiration, rather than reason and cool logic. Your body may be more responsive than usual to alcohol, drugs and medicines, so beware of overdoses. The Moon in Pisces generally favors imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music or water activities.


☀️Sun Trine Natal Neptune🌊


This is a good time to get a better idea of where you are right now and how you have fulfilled the deeper aspects of yourself. You want to understand the higher realm of reality emotionally and intellectually. It is a good time for meditation and reflection. You may feel a kind of romantic idealism and you will be wanting to put needs of others before your own.


🌙Moon Conjunct Natal Venus🌹


It is a good time to socialize as you are quite happy. You exude warmth toward others, so they enjoy your company. Your relations are good, and you will be quite amorous. It is a good time to spru

🌙Moon Sextile Natal Mercury💬

It is a time to verbalize your feelings and thus a good time to write down ideas, poetry or even music. If emotional problems exist, now it is a good time to talk to others about them.



 🌹 Hierophant 🌹


🔮"  Divine love! Coming back home! Sacred Unions! " - Message Card from Archangel Rahmiel🔮

In my vision, Spirit shows me  an area of cliff full of trees and flowers and the light blue sky with an amazing view to the oceean waters, while i keep hearing "heaven, heaven!" This for me is an actual symbolization of our Soul Home the Lost Land, the 5D. In another clairaudient message i'm hearing Arch. Gabriel telling me  the phrase "  time for wedding" this is an actual message of 5D union between our Sacred Masculine and Feminine aspects for creating a more balanced and healthy dynamic in our personal power. The full potential of our solar plexus, which represents the inner strength is now ready to come forward in a more spiritual form. For some the message of "heaven" represents the power that now you are gaining back in its full potential! For others especially with the card of Hierophant, you are at a point where you are grounding your inner power and you are able to gain a full respected place and be recognized as a high leveled soul. Also for a few of you this card is a message  either of a 5D union with a divine counterpart that comes to fruition or the beginning of your twin flame journey that now is activated. Further, If you have already mastered a particular field of study, you may be taking on the role of teacher and mentor to others. In this position, you honour and acknowledge your responsibility to share your knowledge and stay commited to your soul's path! Significant number for today is the number 8 ( = leadership, abudance and eternity), 7 (= spirituality) and 4( = foundation and stability). Zodiac signs  unions  due to the Archetype forms Taurus ( Hierophant) - Pisces ( High-priestess), Aries(Emperor) - Taurus, Libra ( Empress).🗝Keywords: Stability, Sacred Union, Coming back Home, co operation, union of the Archetypes, Divine love and unity.

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