CARD OF THE DAY 09/05/2021

Published on 9 May 2021 at 17:24

CARD OF THE DAY 09/05/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Waning Crescent Moon in Aries♈

With the Moon in Aries we are motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as stronger ambitions. An increase of activity, impulsivity, striving, and energetic action. This Moon favours activities which demand courage, decisiveness, swiftness and initiative, but anything which requires patience, diligence and diplomacy is more difficult now. The Moon in Aries generally favors actions that yield immediate results, self-assertion and taking on challenges. It is a good time for athletics, starting new projects and for solving problems by brainstorming.



🌙Moon Inconjunct Natal Pluto☢

Compulsive behavior is very likely right now so be careful of sudden urges and impulses that are not good for you. Emotional self-analysis is a good idea. Your emotional power struggles are prominent avoid guilt tripping or using jealousy or other underhanded techniques to get your way.

🌹Venus Trine Natal Moon🌙

It is a good time to organize your domestic affairs to beautify and decorate your home. Relationships will be better than usual and other people sense your aura of sympathy. Your love relationship should also be stronger right now. It is a nice time to interact in a group environment as your energy is more appealing than usual.

🌙Moon Square Natal Saturn☄

You may feel lonely and out of touch with others, occasionally you may be depressed but be aware that your mood may not reflect the reality. Avoid confrontations and falling into negative thinking, your perception is distorted right now.




 🌹 8 of emotions🌹


🔮"  Sacred womb carries the seed of elevation " - Message Card from Archangel  Sandalphon🔮

In a clairaudient message, Arch. Sandalphon says tells me the phrase:" Sacred womb carries the the seed of elevation and the song of your personal divine purpose". At the same time, Arch. Metatron gives the vision of path that is created by orange orbs. This for me is a symbolization of the new soul path that is created by the divine and has to do with your soul purpose. The key on this message is to follow your creativity and your intuition in order to raise your frequency and put yourself on your soul track in order to follow your North Node. With the card 8 of emotions Angels are advising you to let go of everything that no longer serve you and follow the new path that is revealing  right infront of you. In general this card invites you to ask yourself what brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment on a deeper level. Without it, you might pursue goals that fail to give you the satisfaction you’re seeking. For example, you may think being in a long-term relationship is what you want, but when you manifest it, you realise that it’s not just the long-term relationship you want but a deep soul connection with someone. If that’s not there, then the relationship will not fulfil your needs no matter how long you stay together. So, if you find yourself repeatedly in these Eight of Cups situations where you have no choice but to walk away, spend time exploring what will bring you true happiness and realign your goals with your values. It’s time for you to let it go and move on in order to sing the song of your Divine purpose!🗝Keywords: let go of past, let go of what no longer serves you, highest purpose, elevation process, higher conciousness, intuition leads the way, creative spirit reveals the path,  redirection on your soul purpose, realignment.

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