CARD OF THE DAY 15/05/2021

Published on 15 May 2021 at 19:04

CARD OF THE DAY 15/05/2021


🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Micro Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer♋

The restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet in Cancer. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential.
You may feel more emotional, vulnerable or touchy. Your need for seclusion could become quite strong, and there is a desire to communicate only with those closest to you. It is not a good idea to deal with large groups of people, or to appear on stage. You may also want to care for others, or have others look after you. Emotional difficulties may also be an obstacle to business success. The Moon in Cancer generally favors domestic activities or involve awareness of personal needs and family get-togethers.




☀️Sun Trine Natal Saturn☄

It is a great opportunity to know yourself through your relationships and your environment. You are disciplined and can channel your energies well. Try not to be too abstract or intellectual, it is a good day to get things done and you will be satisfied by the work you have produced. It is a good time to plan and organize your affairs.


🔥Mars Sesquiquadrate Natal Mars🔥

Now you will be very prone to impulsive and rash actions which could create conflict with others and cause your problems in the future. Your ego is very strong, and you want to assert your desires onto others. It is a good time to get a lot of work done as your energy level is very high you just need to be more disciplined when you are dealing with others. Try compromise and control your impulsive reactions, if you are finding this time particularly difficult it is good to think about what parts of your ego need refinement such as your pride or sense of worth and your ability to make an impression on others.

🌙Moon Conjunct Natal Jupiter⚡

You will feel quite generous, everything is good, and you have nothing to fear. Your self-confidence is good. You may be having more concerns for the deeper aspects of life. Group work is beneficial to your wellbeing.


🌹Queen of inspiration🌹

🔮"  Balance in leadership" - Message Card from Archangel  Michael🔮

The message that i'm getting clairaudiently is the phrase "capella sistina". As Arch. Gabriel explains to me this is all about spiritual leadership ( number 1) and inner- outter balance (number 6). Also, "capella sistina" reminds  me three different clues:   Michael Angelo,  painting, and renaissance period. Intuitively, those aspects for me talk about completely different message that connects under one combination. When i'm hearing about Michael Angelo i'm picking the energy of Arch. Michael and the expression power leadership and authority along with the direct reference to the empowerment of your root chakra. At the same time in a quick vision i'm getting blue and red orbs. Divine wisdom( blue) and manifestation( red). The next message that i'm getting is the creative expression and the willingness to complete a craft. This is the profound translation for the painting. The whole metaphorical symbolism for this message is about the renaissance period which talks about renewals and rebirths of spiritual power. Those elements are now under the influence of the today's card Queen of inspiration.  Under this influence of this card the message is that you are upbeat, courageous, and determined. You are here to see through your creative visions and life purpose, even in the face of adversity and challenge. Highly self-actualised and self-aware, you know how to best channel your strengths and weaknesses to achieve your goals. You are optimistic and full of ideas to share with others and ready to create a rebirth of the things around you. You know what you want and how to get it, and are masterful at engaging with others to achieve your goals. Stay fiercely determined and focused on your goals while being friendly and optimistic with those around you. What queen of inspiration brings also to the table ,except creativity, renewal, inspiration, determination and power, is also the element of balance, as a feminine figure.  If you are determined step up in your leader (number 1)quality remain balanced ( number 6).  Final, this card for some of you it is an actual message from Spirit that now is the perfect time to put yourself out there and meet new people or create a community of like-minded people. They will be drawn in by your energy, passion and enthusiasm, and together you can create positive change in the world!
🗝Keywords: Courage, confidence, independence, social butterfly, determination, power, leadership, balance of leadership as feminine figure.

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