CARD OF THE DAY 05/06/2021

Published on 5 June 2021 at 17:28

CARD OF THE DAY 05/06/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Last Quarter Moon in Aries♈

With the Moon in Aries we are motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as stronger ambitions. An increase of activity, impulsivity, striving, and energetic action. This Moon favours activities which demand courage, decisiveness, swiftness and initiative, but anything which requires patience, diligence and diplomacy is more difficult now.
The Moon in Aries generally favors actions that yield immediate results, self-assertion and taking on challenges. It is a good time for athletics, starting new projects and for solving problems by brainstorming.



🌞Sun Inconjunct Natal Pluto☢

You may encounter powerful forces that you may have trouble controlling. This can be external or internal and it is trying to get you to reform your behavior. It is time to let go of the old habits that cause you problems and when doing so, try not just dig yourself a bigger hole. Things may malfunction today so just be weary that all may not go to plan and you may have to spend time fixing those little issues you have been avoiding.


🌹Venus Sesquiquadrate Natal Pluto☢

You will have intense emotional experiences especially if love is involved, it may even be life altering. You may need to compromise more in your relationships otherwise you will have problems later. You will not be feeling stable and are occasionally overbearing. Try not to be too controlling as this could create conflict.


🌙Moon Square Natal Saturn☄

You may feel lonely and out of touch with others, occasionally you may be depressed but be aware that your mood may not reflect the reality. Avoid confrontations and falling into negative thinking, your perception is distorted right now.





 🌹  The Moon🌹


🔮"  Face your shadow aspect and accept it with love for illumination " - Message Card from Archangels Azrael and Michael 🔮


The clairaudient message  that i'm getting from Arch. Mivhael is "be enough brave to admit whatever was keeping you bound until now" while i'm having a vision of a girl standing in peace  on shore in front of a typhoon inside the ocean. This is a significant message for the collective about the emotional inbalance, anixiety, deceit and fears that provoke inside us a sense of lack on inner stability and power. The fact that the girl stands in peace it means that now we are ready to embrace those shadow aspects of our selves with love and acceptance and observe them without been bothered. I'm also getting the colours green and rose which are significant for the opening of our heart center and initiate the activation of our sacred temple during the time of this emotional retreat. The Moon card here is an actual initiation of this process that quarantees the connection with our Divine Feminine while we are facing our deepest fears. We keep dealing with ourselves in a maternal way and not critizesing our shadows. We embrace them with love and acceptance we are now one step before transformation. We follow the cycle of the Moon and we patiently wait for release and alchemy!  There is a strong connection with Mother Mary and Quan -Yin energies. Zodiac signs Libra, Cancer. Profound numbers 18, 3, 9
🗝Keywords: inner balance, cycles of the Moon, Mother Mary- Quan Yin, embrace shadow, love alchemy, emotional retreat, facing fears and illussions, Divine Feminine power, Sacred womb.

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