CARD OF THE DAY 09/05/2021

Published on 9 June 2021 at 17:11

CARD OF THE DAY 09/05/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Micro Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini♊


Our basic instinct is to communicate, think and learn under the influence of Moon in Gemini. We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. Sociability, cheerfulness and quick-wittedness are on the increase, and there is an interest in all kinds of information.
The Moon in Gemini favours study, intellectual pursuits, acquaintances, conferences and gatherings. However, heightened changeability and scattering your interests can prevent you from getting definite, tangible results.


🌞Sun Inconjunct Natal Pluto☢

You may encounter powerful forces that you may have trouble controlling. This can be external or internal and it is trying to get you to reform your behavior. It is time to let go of the old habits that cause you problems and when doing so, try not just dig yourself a bigger hole. Things may malfunction today so just be weary that all may not go to plan and you may have to spend time fixing those little issues you have been avoiding.


🌙Moon Inconjunct Natal Uranus🌀

Avoid being hasty or jumping to conclusions as now you will be feeling independent and rebellious. You may feel like the devil’s advocate and you will not want to deal with duties and obligations.





 🌹  The hanged Muse🌹- in reverse


🔮" Heart center. The place where all can be combined and united  with harmony, love and peace! " - Message Card from Archangels Raphael and Saraquel 🔮

The vision that i'm getting here is two people riding a motorcycle going up to a hill from the two different opposite sides of that hill. This message is a symbolization of the opposite aspects that exist in your crown chakra and has to do with your different perception of a matter or perception about your everyday life that sometimes are in conflict. The difference here is that on the top of the hill those to motocycles meet a huge green lighting eye, which reminding me the observation through our heart center that has the ability to heal and unite. Another words those two dofferent perception are coming to the observation of love, where they are going to come together and unify. "This acknowledgement, that new perspective can heal your crown and open your third eye", says Arch. Raphael, while he also claims:" Only love can activate the mix up of the opposites, only love can soften the edges and shows the new way. The way of inner peace. Now this new gate is available for you". At the same time intuitively i'm picking up the temperance  card energy about harmony and balance that can work as a base for the new foundation! This activation of this new perspective is  confirmed and shown by the hanged muse card in reverse. "Until now you were in that mind limbo energy. Stucked and blocked by the vision of love but now you  have turned from the ground to the sky and saw the unlimited options of a peacemaker!", says Arch. Gabriel. This is the time that you will observe a more gentle and calm approach of yourself in critical matters that may until now caused you major conflicts. For some this is a sign of fresh approach  in an issue that was an "obvious" dead end. For others you will be able to come in a compromise without thinking that you are doing discounts on your personal beliefs. Significant numbers 4, 3, 5. Mind reset is acknowledged, established and healed. Profound zodiac sign's energy, gemini. Harmonised communication and actions. Co-  creation, co operations!!
🗝Keywords: Co-  creation, co operations, new perspective, open your third eye, harmony and balance, bridge between opposites, peacemaker, observation of love, the eye of the heart, healing communication.

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