CARD OF THE DAY 25/06/2021

Published on 25 June 2021 at 16:02

CARD OF THE DAY 25/06/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Super Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn♑

With the Moon in Capricorn, we become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead. We also instinctively are aware of the limitations of time. We are motivated by a desire for success. Achievement and manifestation are most important to us now. We are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or resources. This can be a very sober influence or even a depressing one. However, it can also be a productive time when we look reality in the eye.
There is an increase in formality, strictness and exactitude, with a tendency to reserve and distance. Rules and regulations are dominant. It is a suitable time for all activities which require extra responsibility and discipline, practical undertakings, career issues, making a business plan and practical investments.


🌹Venus Square Natal Sun☀️

You want to seek out fun and excitement, and not wanting to do any work. If you must work, then it’s good to try to be as much disciplined as possible. Watch out for compulsive behavior, try to be in good company and enjoy this time.

🌙 Moon Sextile Natal Venus🌹

You want to be with friends and loved ones and you should have a good time with them, life feels very rewarding. It is a good time for entertaining but be careful of self-indulgence.

🌙Moon Conjunct Natal Neptune🌊

Your sensitivity is increased, and you are more empathetic to those around you. You can pick up the mood of those around you so it’s best to avoid bad situations. Poetry and art are appealing, and it is a good time for reflection.



 🌹The temperance🌹


🔮" Grounded phase of rising rose! " - Message Card from Archangel Ariel🔮

Clairvoyantly i'm getting a crystal ball which contains a closed rose. At the same time i'm hearing the channeled song of Nina Simone- Feeling good. When the music starts the crystal ball cracked in an explosion and the rose vibrate more and more into rose aura while it opens its pedals and blossoms! This for me is a symbolization of the grounding of the new phase in your life that comes fron a place of heart! With the temperance card here i'm getting a balanced phase were the power struggles between your shadow and light are over. Also this is a phase of rejuvenation, regeneration and balance between your femininity and masculinity... especially if you are a woman! What is more here is that with this card along with the lyrics of the song this is a phase of a rising feminine power for the collective but this time with grounded template. "Be grateful for your journey and look how powerful you were! What you were and how you' ve become! You are a beautiful souls with power and essence that lies in your heart! The world now is waiting for you. All the knowledge, power and recognition for being yourself and you ve seek for a long time is ahead! Open the gate and get into the Garden. This is the time! This is your time!", says Arch. Ariel in a clairaudient message. Also for some of your interest on working on the beauty and aesthetic  field it will be beneficial for you!  For others, focus on your take care of your physical body! This is a day of an awakening your clairvoyant power. Strong dreams and prominitions! Significant  master numbers 22, 29,  44. Also the numbers 15 and 18. Energy of virgo, leo, pisces!🗝Keywords: balance, phase of the rising rose, heart chakra, grounded template, appreciation, recognition, rejuvenation, regeneration, worldwide, yin and yang poles on cooperation, beauty and blossoming of femininity

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