CARD OF THE DAY 30/06/2021

Published on 30 June 2021 at 17:03

CARD OF THE DAY 30/06/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces♓

We are not inclined to want to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It can be a wistful, sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate time. This brings an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples' feelings. You will have a desire to be of help, and you may be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Your emotions predominate over common sense, so it is better to do things which require imagination and inspiration, rather than reason and cool logic. Your body may be more responsive than usual to alcohol, drugs and medicines, so beware of overdoses. The Moon in Pisces generally favors imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music or water activities.



💬Mercury Sesquiquadrate Natal Moon🌙

At this time your mind and your emotions are not aligned. You're feeling your emotions strongly, but knowing just what they’re saying will be difficult. This lack of clarity could manifest itself in your body as headaches and digestive issues. Also, nervous tension could have you talking too much in social situations. At work and in the organization of your day-to-day life, you may find yourself not keeping track of time, missing appointments and falling behind on your tasks. Remember that a few dropped balls isn’t the end of the world, and getting excessively angry with yourself will only make it more likely that you’ll drop some more. Watch out for overly emotionally tinged conversation. For example, you may find yourself adding layers of misdirected bitterness in your chats with friends of family. It’ll feel confusing and you may even feel out of control of your actions, but taking time out to process your emotions patiently will help bring all those obscured feelings into the light.
So sit down with a pen and paper or open a new document on your computer and put everything you’re feeling into words. If you’re not the writing type, find a friend who would be willing to help you process what’s going on inside you. Afterwards your mind will feel clearer and more under control.

🌙Moon Trine Natal Pluto☢

You are feeling everything more powerfully than usual. You may be in a serious mood but beware of obsessive thinking. Don’t let your emotions run your life but do not repress them either.





 🌹The Queen of swords🌹


🔮" Ceremonial order in the mind plane. Communication and embodiment of forgiveness!"   - Message Card from Archangels Metatron, Zachiel, Michael🔮

Spirit is showing me a violet box  from the outside and inside with plump colour. Inside the box there is a unicorn, which shows up when the box opens. For me the box is the symbolization of the grounded-until now- rationalize perspective on things based on stereotypes and old patterns. Collectively, this aspect is transformed. Through the inner challenges( plump color on the inside) along with the acceptance, forgiveness and deep understanding of those challenges, the new reborn inner child, represented as a unicorn shows up. In purity, empowered and peaceful. The union of experienced wisdom and forgiveness create a renewal field of universal coherance on our mind plane. This will be and one of the most critical parts of the healing of our inner child and our solar plexus. Along with the influence of Mercury the way we communicate and understand the things in our mind is deep and initiates a combination of piscean and ploutonian vibe.  Our approach is now turned from the pole of lack to the pole of abudance and it gives us the peace of mind  and deep sense of "I know". The Queen of Voices combines the mental clarity and intellectual power of the suit of Swords with the maturity and receptiveness of the Queen. You have the gift of being able to use your intellect and unbiased judgement while also remaining flexible and open to receive input from other sources.  You are a truth-seeker. You are open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, but ultimately, you filter that information to decipher what is true and what is not. When interacting with others, you will not tolerate mistruths or excessive ‘fluff’. You prefer to get to the heart of the matter without engaging in too much chit-chat or gossip.  Some of you may have the tedency to watch detective stories, spirit is telling me. Watch out the negative scenarios of your mind. Observe on what pole you set your thoughts! For some that recently want to find out the truth about a situation today is coming an inner revelation of the truth that you ve already known. Listen to the deepest info that you got! Significant numbers 7, 8 along with the energies of pisces and scorpio.🗝Keywords: The union of experienced wisdom and forgiveness, mental clarity and intellectual power, piscean and ploutonian vibe, forgiveness and deep understanding of challenges, truth-seeker, peace of mind, maturity and receptiveness, prudence.

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