CARD OF THE DAY 13/07/2021

Published on 13 July 2021 at 16:58

CARD OF THE DAY 13/07/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Waxing Crescent Moon in Virgo♍

We instinctually gravitate towards practical activities under the influence of a Virgo Moon. In an urge to set things right, we might easily find ourselves re-organizing and rethinking plans. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others. Health matters might come into focus. Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors. Your body may be more intolerant of low-grade food and harmful substances, and this is a good day to begin a diet. The Moon in Virgo generally favors mental pursuits, work, routines and any activities that would benefit from tending to details.


💬Mercury Conjunct Natal Jupiter⚡

Your level of comprehension is more broad than usual right now, you are more open to new perspectives and ways to see the world. All mental processes will be sped up and working in your favor. It is a good time for business negotiations, be careful to not overlook any details.


 🌹 6 of materials🌹

🔮" Transformation on the ways you give and receive! "   - Message Card from Archangel Sandalphon🔮

What spirit is showing me is a butterfly along with the azure coloured orbs. This for me is an actual symbolization of an actual transformationthat is happening for you on the way you set your boundaries and your protection in general. At the same time i'm sensing a trumbling on left back side of my head, which is always a warning from your intuition to follow your inner guidance on how you exchange and share your energy. Trust your gut and keep the balance that yourself is telling you to keep.  With the 6 of materials Spirit is telling you that as long as you keep yourself  balanced and be in you center you will receive  and welcome even more success, prosperity and abudance into your life. You are on your full blossoming. Trust what universe brought you and feel generous to share with those that feel this special bond from  heart to heart. For some of you, you may be on the receiving end of other people’s generosity, accepting these gifts with gratitude. This will help you to get back on your feet and to eventually repay the charitable organisation or individual, either with your time or your restored wealth. You will also need to identify ways in which you can become more self-sufficient in the long run. The risk of accepting charity is that you become dependent on it and cannot look after yourself. Be mindful that you are not growing submissive or noticeably desperate as a result of the charity that someone else is providing you. On the other hand for the shake of your inner balance don't either reject any available assistance and help that universe sends you. Harmony, truth and acceptance are your keywords here. Significant numbers 5,6,7, 10. Arch. Sandalphon is telling you  in a clairaudient message:" Be a part of a united team, be a trustworthy but keep your spirit and energy indepedent and centered!"  Energies of Gemini, Virgo and strong activation for those who have the placement of Mercury in Taurus. Connection with lapis lazuli stone and protection of throat chakra from negative entities.
 🗝Keywords: recepteivity and self sufficiency, equal exchange of energy, transformation on self protection and communication.

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