CARD OF THE DAY 12/10/2021

Published on 12 October 2021 at 17:17

CARD OF THE DAY 12/10/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕  First Quarter Moon in Capricorn♑

Hard work, diligence, and steadfast dedication are just a few attributes to name that come with Moon in Capricorn. It forecasts a season filled with successes and achievements. This lunation instils a deep sense of responsibility to improve our social status, realize our dreams, achieve material success, and initiate new projects. Capricorn Moon motivates conciseness, precision, efficiency, organization, and reliability. However, it discourages violation of rules and laws. On the one hand, this lunar period amplifies our inner vulnerability, but on the other hand, it seizes our emotional expression.
So be ready to face masked realities, impartialities, insensitivity and bitter coldness. Capricorn Moon is perfect for training your willpower and focusing on your goals in life because it enables you to shut all doors to distractions with your firm will and strong desire to be productive.
You might feel afraid of dealing with sensitive issues during this period or may become too harsh on yourself. The fear of rejection might make you feel highly insecure. If you don't let go of your anger and resentment, it will adversely affect your health. Be positive and lead by example.

🌙Moon Opposition Natal Jupiter⚡

You will feel generous to others and want to help them. Your drive for personal freedom will be greater and arguments could occur if you have possessive people around you. You may want to question your goals and aspirations, what you learn right now could be important.

🌙Moon Conjunct Natal Uranus🌀

You will sometimes feel and act impulsively. Your moods will change quickly that is surprising. Routine feels boring and concentration is difficult now avoid details and making decisions right now.

🌹3 of emotions🌹- in reverse

🔮" Working on your inner balance and work on the aspect  that you deep know as a wounded area of your life. Retreat "   - Message Card from Archangel Raphael 🔮

In my vision im getting the symbol of mercedes benz colourfully while i'm hearing the phrase "expression of inspiration". The four elements in  cooperation fire as the red line, water as the blue line, earth as the green- yellow line and the white circle as the connecting and protecting element. This for is all about balance of the four different qualities inside us. As the colours here are pretty bold Spirit is giving me a second message of emergency. This is a period of inbalances for a lot of you in different type of qualities. Such as will and power, intuition, stability and communication. With the three of emotion reversed here <span;>may signify overindulgence. You may be out most nights partying, doing drugs or drinking heavily when what you need is balance in your life. Be mindful about the longer-term consequences of your actions and ask yourself whether this lifestyle is sustainable. Take a break from the social scene to regroup and get some much-needed sleep.<span;>If you are experiencing high levels of stress or you’ve been working hard, the reversed Three of emotions appears as a message to take some time off to recuperate and gain the support of friends before returning to reality. You may have been working so hard that you’ve lost your connection with your friends and family. Now is the time to reconnect and reprioritise their love and support. See this card as a reminder to reconnect with the people you care about, let loose and have a good time, without worrying too much about the consequences.<span;>this card suggests that you would prefer to go it alone right now. You may have recently spent a lot of time with others and now just need some alone time. Or perhaps you are no longer ‘clicking’ with some of your friends or a social group and are ready to move on. Or sometimes, you might find yourself on the ‘outer’, excluded from other people’s circles and feeling isolated and alone. Honour your desire to step out of the social scene for a while and enjoy this time by yourself so you can get clear on who you most want to connect with in the future. If you are involved in a creative project, now may be the time to work independently rather than in a group.The reversed Three of emotions can show that your creativity is being stifled, or you are being forced to conform to the group. You may be part of a tight-knit club that does things a certain way and is not open to innovation or alternative approaches. You need to consider whether you are willing to sacrifice your creative abilities in favour of the group’s desires.

🗝 Keywords: Independence, alone time, hardcore partying, ‘three’s a crowd’.

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