CARD OF THE DAY 21/11/2021

Published on 21 November 2021 at 15:54

CARD OF THE DAY 21/11/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌕 Micro Waning Gibbous Moon in Gemini♊

The Gemini Moon is all about putting your finger to every pie, growing your network, uniting people to one shared agenda, sharing information, learning new things and embarking on new adventures in life. However, this fascinating period comes with some liabilities. The restlessness under its influence is at its peak and makes it difficult to focus on one thing. Oddly enough, it seems fascinating to juggle multiple activities simultaneously. Resultantly, it evokes delays and failures marked with a period of idleness and carelessness. The benefit planet, Moon, when positions itself in hyper-active Gemini, brings your pleasant, witty and charming side to the front, and people feel curious to know about you. You feel happier to reorganize yourself and try new things. Your boundless creative imagination makes you open-minded and exceptionally versatile. It is your time to rise and shine under this fantastic combination of breezy and curious lunar energy that is also edgy and fickle. The need to learn to express yourself and patiently listen to others' point of view becomes a priority to avoid misunderstandings. Geminian Moon supports intellectual, mental and communicative activities to propel you towards the path of success.

☀️Sun Square Natal Ascendant🌌

You will have a great amount of energy when working with others, just be careful how you use it. Try to not dominate or allow others to dominate you.Neither the dominated nor the dominator has true access to their creative energies, but in partnership our creativity multiples several times over. And that is an end worth compromising for. You may meet people whose desires are different to your own. Consider your intentions before you criticize theirs. Seek harmony to bridge the gaps of difference and great synergies will emerge. Try to not get too caught up in getting your own way. And think more long-term about what exactly your own way is. Sometimes the best move is forfeiting a battle to win a war.At this time, authority figures may be a problem if you try to assert yourself too much. But still, it’s a great time to make your move for acceptance at the top table. Just make sure you have something to bring to it, and that everyone there gets a chance to see it, then the resistance of a few won’t count for enough to stop you.Self-awareness is the key. Know how you are coming across to others, and use that knowledge to improve upon it.

🌹Venus Sextile Natal Pluto☢

You feel a greater need to be belong. Friendships, groups and personal relationships are very important and intense, bordering on transcendental. Try to spend time to understand how you feel and how your emotions affect others. You can enhance your relationships with these emotions. Unusual and intense relationships with a fated quality may begin now and have a profound effect on you.

🌹 6 of wands🌹

🔮"  Upgrading of Divine Feminine"   - Message Card from Archangels Sandalphon  and Uriel🔮
Spirit is showing me the completion of a full circle coloring green, while i'm also getting the image of flowers and hearing the phrase" succesful and completed upgrade". These messages my loves is a collective message of a completed circle of healing and restore around the power of the Divine Feminine within you. With the words and the flowers this chapter is closed and you opened a new one with opportunities to blossom. For some of you the last two months you ve worked really hard around yourself nurturing and healing that now is the time to show yourself the new version. You get the credits for the maturity while your Divine Feminine passed from the Maiden's to Mother's phase. This is reassurance that a fertile period is now ahead. With the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius Spirit is asking you to set intentions around building a renewed version of your legacy and work more on your soul's deepest desires amd purpose. Do not hesitate to speak up your truth  and show to the world what you believe and what you do. Do not be ashamed. For others today's card is a confirmation that you are standing in your power, leo vibes as well as cancer and scorpio. You have finally discovered a sense of inner power within you and a sense of security for yourself through difficult challenges. The 6 of wands here my loves is a reassurance that nothing can go wrong now. As long as you honour yourself you have no reason to fear. The power of Divine Feminine in your solar plexus along with the new exploring energies such as deep underatanding, acceptance, patience and unconditional love that you have already embodied is  the new sense of empowerment! You have never expected something like that and especially in the last few days you see different reactions from people that you never expected in the past. This is because you are changing and you get more matured. This is your personal victory. Enjoy and celebrate.
Keywords: upgrade of feminine, victory, succesful and completed chapter of healing,maturity, empowerment via Divine Feminine.


🌹 6 ραβδων🌹

🔮"  Αναβάθμιση θεϊκού θηλυκού"   - Κάρτα μηνυμάτων από τους Αρχαγγέλους Σανταλφόν  και Ουριήλ🔮
Το πνευμα μου δείχνει την ολοκλήρωση ενός πλήρους κύκλου με πράσινο χρώμα, ενώ παίρνω επίσης την εικόνα των λουλουδιών και ακούω τη φράση "επιτυχής και ολοκληρωμένη αναβάθμιση". .Αυτά τα μηνύματα αγάπες μου είναι ένα συλλογικό μήνυμα ενός ολοκληρωμένου κύκλου θεραπείας και αποκατάστασης γύρω από τη δύναμη του Θείου Θηλυκού μέσα σας. Με αυτα τα λόγια και τα λουλούδια αυτό το κεφάλαιο έκλεισε και άνοιξες ένα νέο με ευκαιρίες να μεγαλουργησεις. .Για μερικούς από εσάς τους τελευταίους δύο μήνες δουλέψατε πολύ σκληρά για να φροντίσετε και να θεραπεύσετε τον εαυτο αας ενω  τώρα είναι η ώρα να δείξετε στον εαυτό σας στην νέα έκδοση του. Παίρνετε τα εύσημα για την ωριμότητα ενώ το Ιερο  Θηλυκό  μεσα σας πέρασε από τη φάση του Κορης  στη  φάση της Μητερας . αυτό είναι μια διαβεβαίωση ότι μια γόνιμη περίοδος είναι τώρα μπροστά. Με την επερχόμενη Νέα Σελήνη στον Τοξότη, το Πνεύμα σας ζητά να βάλετε προθέσεις γύρω από την οικοδόμηση μιας ανανεωμένης εκδοχής των επιτευγματων και οραματων σας και να εργαστείτε περισσότερο για τις βαθύτερες επιθυμίες και τον σκοπό της ψυχής σας. .μη διστάσετε να πείτε την αλήθεια σας  και να δείξετε στον κόσμο τι πιστεύετε και τι κάνετε. Μη ντρεπεστε. Για άλλους, η σημερινή κάρτα είναι μια επιβεβαίωση ότι στέκεστε στη δύναμή σας, ενεργειες του λεόντα καθώς και καρκίνου - σκορπιου. .επιτέλους ανακαλύψατε μια αίσθηση εσωτερικής δύναμης μέσα σας και μια αίσθηση ασφάλειας για τον εαυτό σας μέσα από δύσκολες προκλήσεις. Τα 6 ραβδων εδώ αγάπες μου είναι μια διαβεβαίωση ότι τίποτα δεν μπορεί να πάει στραβά τώρα. Όσο τιμάς τον εαυτό σου, δεν έχεις λόγο να φοβάσαι. .η δύναμη της ιερης Θηλυκης ενεργειας στο ηλιακό σας πλέγμα μαζί με τις νέοεισαχθεισες ενέργειες όπως η βαθιά κατανοηση, η αποδοχή, η υπομονή και η άνευ όρων αγάπη που έχετε ήδη ενσωματώσει είναι  η νέα αίσθηση ενδυνάμωσης! .δεν περίμενες ποτέ κάτι τέτοιο και ειδικά τις τελευταίες μέρες βλέπεις διαφορετικές αντιδράσεις από ανθρώπους που δεν περίμενες ποτέ στο παρελθόν. Αυτό συμβαίνει γιατί αλλάζεις και ωριμάζεις περισσότερο. Αυτή είναι η προσωπική σας νίκη. Απολαύστε το και γιορτάστε.

λέξεις-κλειδιά: αναβάθμιση του θηλυκού, νίκη, επιτυχημένο και ολοκληρωμένο κεφάλαιο θεραπείας, ωριμότητα, ενδυνάμωση μέσω του Divine Feminine.

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