CARD OF THE DAY 12/05/2022

Published on 12 May 2022 at 14:30

CARD OF THE DAY 12/05/2022

🔮The World- Cosmos🔮

🌈Collective energy🌈

What i'm hearing as the general energy here in clairaudient message from Arch. Michael is :"Strong inner and outter boundaries". It's time to set yourself under a new state of routine and habit in order to get rid off the old bad tendencies and codepedencies of the past. The next phrase that i'm hearing here is :" Reclaiming your power by  just being the real you!" Do not compromise under contracts that are limitimg you or do not accept attactive critisism by people who are trying to convince that they can handle your situatiom better wise. Karmic soul contracts of the past regarding power and authority over the collective are coming to the surface in order to be illuminated and an excellent chance to heal old wounds either from been abused or be an abuser. Arch. Azrael gives today the key of forgiveness. And this shows the upleveled quality of the emperor a big hearted king full of emotions and understanding like the king of cups. Conjuction of Mars, Sun and Pluto. The world card here is just a significant message of completion of an old cycle of the past. Now you know. The world is your oyster. You can be a leading figure in the collective by changing and uplifting the energy. The only thing you have to do is recognize to you the ability of own your own power without same and guilt and be sure about your step out there. Do not limit this new door that is opening ahead. Get the bigger picture and jump in order to fly. Dare to move towards the manifestation of your dreams!

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